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At The Spa & Groom Room, we are fully qualified and insured with brand new state-of-the-art facilities including CCTV. Our new custom built premises overlooks an open paddock area with rural views in a peaceful countryside setting. We offer full grooms, nail clipping, ear and eyes, bath and dry and puppy experiences. We have two clipping tables and 3 qualified groomers on site working part time in our Spa and Groom Room.

The Platinum Package

Our Platinum Package includes a pre groom, bath in a shampoo specifically selected for your dogs coat, a deep condition, brush, blow dry, full body clip and scissor, ear clean and nail clip

from £35

The Bath and Go Package

Perfect for in-between grooms to keep your dog looking and smelling their best. This includes a bath in a shampoo specifically selected for your dogs coat, a brush, dry and de-shed

from £25

The Puppy Party Package

Suitable for puppies from 3-6 months for an introduction to grooming. Includes a bath in a shampoo specifically designed for puppies, brush, gentle blow dry, ear clean, paw tidy and nail clip

from £25

Additional Spa Treatments

All grooms come with a bandana and cologne spritz as standards. Upgrade any package by adding a Blueberry Facial, luxury or natural shampoo, premium cologne or a teeth gel and fresh breath foam*

from £5 extra

Please be aware that all prices are a guide and depend ultimately on the condition of the coat, knots, matting etc, type of styling and when the dog was last groomed. There may be an additional de-matting charge as a result of matting and if this is the case, the desired look may not be achievable. We will always contact you prior to any changes to the agreed groom. 

*teeth gel and breath foam may not be available for all dogs. 

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