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GDPR and Contacting Vets

Due to a change in GDPR and many vet practice protocols, we do insist that prior to boarding, you email or contact your vets to give authorisation for Conifer Kennels and Cattery to take your pet to the veterinarian should the kennels and Cattery staff feel it is necessary during their stay.

You can have this ‘note’ placed on their file for life, not just for their stay to avoid you needing to do this on every occasion that your pet boards at the kennels or in the cattery.

With these new restrictions in place, this would be needed for all kennels and catteries, not just ours so please give authorisation for any kennel or Cattery that your pet visits ASAP.

Without this authorisation we will not be able to take your pet to the vet at all.


We were refused earlier until authorisation was given, regardless of our terms and conditions being signed by the owner as the veterinary practice had not received authorisation by the owners directly. Had the owners not been contactable, in another circumstance this could’ve been detrimental to the health of their pet despite our best efforts. This is again why we need an emergency contact available 24/7 whilst your pet boards with us.

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