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2022 Round Up


Here’s our annual round up and massive THANK YOU to everyone who has made this year possible! After a couple of up-and-down years thanks to our foe Covid, this year has been amazing.

We had our inspection and became THE FIRST KENNEL AND CATTERY IN DERBYSHIRE TO BE AWARDED 5 STARS!!!! We are completely over the moon and couldn’t have done it without you all!

We have finally built our new Cattery building after having most of the parts for over 5 years and kitted it out with brand new beds, scratch posts, scratch mats, toys and tunnels. This has increased our capacity massively allowing all of our cat pens to cater for up to 4 cats! With separate outdoor exercise areas and heated sleeping pods - it’s called the Cat Hotel for a reason.

We have upgraded all of our toys and paddling pools for the dogs.

We have finished off our new fencing for the car park, separating the play field completely, and have built a brand new bin store making even more room for our amazing customers.

We have also upgraded our CCTV system again to the highest standard which helped us find our watering can thief (see the end of the video on Facebook for exclusive footage!)

Finally, we have continued to upgrade our dog grooming facilities by adapting the existing building to increase the space available for our pampered pooches. This has given us a 360 degree capability to dry and groom your pups without having to move them so they can relax and stare out the window to their hearts content.

All of that with 30 days off as well!!

Thank you so much… here’s to another amazing year!

The Conifer Team

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